More effective decision making on flood emergency with WISER Flood

Published on 4 October 2022 by Marieke van Slooten

WaterSENSE consortium Partner Water Technology has launched the new WISER Flood forecasting and alerting solution. This solution provides a simple yet effective cloud-based Water Information System for Early Response (WISER). The main aim of the WISER system is to provide scientific evidence for more effective decision making on flood emergency response and flood management, in a simple, easy to use interface that does not require specialist expertise or experience. This recognises that in an emergency anyone may be called upon to operate and use the system and it needs to be accessible to those that either have not had any training or have not used the system recently. Depending on the complexity of drainage characteristics of the deployment location, the components the WISER system can be assembled or simplified to meet any specific needs.

WaterSENSE spin-off

The WISER Flood solution utilizes the HydroNET platform API for all data connections and it makes use of the rain gauge adjusted radar rainfall data, which has been developed within the WaterSENSE project.

More information can be found here.

Are you interested using WISER Flood within your region or do you wish to receive more information? Please contact Brian Jackson (Water Technology) via or +61 3 8525 0800.