Presenting WaterSENSE during the MODSIM2023 Congress

During the MODSIM2023, the 25th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, held from 9 to 14 July 2023 in Darwin Australia, Rutger Vervoort presented an update on water use monitoring and assessment services being undertaken in the WaterSENSE Horizon 2020 project. Read more >

The WaterSENSE July 2023 newsletter

The WaterSENSE project has made some great progress over the last year, implementing some new models and services along with several significant updates to existing models. These are summarised in the latest newsletter.

The WaterSENSE September 2022 newsletter

The goal of WaterSENSE is to develop a modular, operational, water-monitoring system built on Copernicus EO data and provide a toolbox to make products and services available to users. Read the latest news about the WaterSENSE project in the newsletter.

WaterSENSE consortium visit to Australia

After a long wait, representatives of the European partners from the WaterSENSE consortium visited Australia. It was a fantastic opportunity for the consortium members to meet face to face rather than via digital platforms. Read more >

2nd WaterSENSE summer school

The 2nd WaterSENSE Summer School will be held online and on premises at the University of Sydney from 23 to 25 February.
Read more >

The WaterSENSE February 2022 newsletter

The WaterSENSE project will provide water availability and mapping services for any place in the world at different time and spatial resolutions, based on earth observation data, hydrological models and local field data. Read more about the WaterSENSE project in the latest newsletter.