eLEAF is a Dutch research focussed SME that provides satellite-based services for sustainable water management, agriculture and insurance. The core of eLEAF’s technology is Pixel Intelligence Mapping (PiMapping®), which generates satellite-based quantified time series such as crop water consumption, crop water stress, water productivity and biomass production. Our water management products are aimed at water authorities and support them to quantify agricultural water use, the largest consumer of the available water worldwide. We provide this data for single fields up to entire countries and basins. Every day, every week or every year. Our agricultural products include our crop monitoring platform FieldLook, which provides farmers with weekly updates on their crops’ health and water use and visualises underperforming areas for immediate action. Starting as a precision- agriculture application, FieldLook has gradually evolved into a powerful web portal communicating satellite-derived information on single fields up to entire river basins. eLEAF is the project coordinator of WaterSENSE and is also responsible for the algorithm development work package.