Within WaterSENSE we have developed a toolkit of modular, operational water services. Our services integrate Copernicus RS data, ground radar, models, in-situ data, and novel research. Our services are available through a flexible web-based platform with an intuitive UI as well as a comprehensive API. We offer a flexible service subscription model for all our services.

Irrigation monitoring: where, when, how much

Irrigated agriculture plays an essential role in global food supply. Poor water resource management threatens its long-term sustainability. Accurate information on irrigation is essential, but inadequate and outdated data gives little information on actual irrigated water use. We offer an inexpensive, fast and scalable approach to monitor irrigation with a scientifically based method. Our information products:


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Near real-time irrigated area mapping

Despite the immense pressure of irrigation on the local freshwater resources, only few water managers have a precise understanding of where irrigation is taking place within their catchments during the growing season. Our irrigated area mapping service distinguishes between irrigated and rainfed cropland and offers water managers an accurate and high-resolution view that is regularly updated, mitigating the need for inefficient field visits.

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High-quality radar rainfall information

Under normal conditions rain gauges measure precipitation with high accuracy, but with limited spatial representativeness depending on the meteorological conditions. In contrast, radar data is ideally suited to represent spatial precipitation patterns with greater uncertainties in precipitation amounts at point scale compared to rain gauges. Our service carefully combines quality-controlled data from automatically reporting rain gauges and radar data resulting in a dataset with a high accuracy, a good temporal and spatial resolution, and a low latency, together with a good spatial coverage. Within WaterSENSE the Namoi radar data from the Bureau of Meteorology radar rainfall data and rain gauges are used to provide a radar rainfall product with improved calibration against rain gauges, hence providing precipitation information with good accuracy and spatial detail.

Dam area, volume and evaporation from Remote Sensing

Irrigated agriculture plays an essential role in global food supply. Poor water resource management threatens its long-term sustainability. Accurate information is essential.
Farm dams and distribution channels lose a significant amount of water due to evaporation and seepage, yet little is known about how much exactly. Studies have shown that about 40% of the storage is lost due to evaporation. We offer an inexpensive, fast and scalable approach to monitor farm dam and distribution channel water balance at the catchment scale with a scientifically based method. This includes:

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Rainfall exceedance information on-the-fly

With the effects of climate change already impacting us, severe rainfall events are becoming ever more frequent and consequential. It is thus vital for water managers to better understand the intensity, duration, timing and locality of rainfall events to inform any decisions and actions before, during and after the events. We provide inexpensive, easily accessible, reliable and fast access to and visualisation of rainfall exceedance information to support water managers:

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Operational Field Scale Farm Water Balance for Regional Water Management

Discover how AquaFarm, integrated into WaterSENSE by Hidromod, revolutionizes agricultural water management. AquaFarm offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize water use efficiency, ensuring sustainable and productive farming practices. Focused on Farm Water Balance and Seasonal Irrigation Needs Prediction, AquaFarm provides detailed modeling and forecasts that help you manage water resources precisely and effectively

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