Successfull kick off meeting WaterSense

Published on 24 January 2020 by Marcel Alderlieste

On 23 and 24 January 2020, the WaterSense kick-off meeting was held at the eLEAF office in Wageningen. eLEAF was the organizer of the meeting and project partners and the EC officer took part in this launch event of the project. Two of the project partners are based in Australia, for this reason the meeting started early in the morning. During the meetings the project with the different work packages were discussed, and the work for the first 6 months of the project was determined.

The goal of WaterSENSE is to develop a modular, operational, water-monitoring system built on Copernicus Earth observation data. WaterSENSE  provides water managers with a toolbox of reliable and actionable information on water availability and water use, anywhere in the world, in support of sustainable water management and transparency across the entire water value chain.